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Dr. Marc Lazare, D.D.S., M.A.G.D. and his team offer laser-assisted solutions for a gummy smile. A gummy smile causes gums to appear disproportionately large in comparison to the teeth. Our laser gum contouring treatment reduces the gum line, which visibly extends the length and improves the appearance of your teeth.

Correcting a Gummy Smile

Gummy smile infographic

There isn’t a scientific definition for a gummy smile because the beauty seen in each smile is based on perception. However, a smile showing less than 2 mm of gum tissue between the upper lip and the teeth is considered non-gummy, while a smile showing more than that is typically considered gummy.

Gummy smile correction refers to diode laser gum recontouring (or laser gum reshaping), which uses advanced laser technology to gently sculpt the gums to create balance while adjusting the tissue’s length. The transformed gum line complements the size and shape of the upper lip and teeth.

Dr. Marc Lazare may approve gummy smile correction for patients who desire a more balanced smile that better highlights their teeth.


Our laser gum reshaping treatment comfortably removes excess gum tissue to display a gorgeous new smile.

Some of the many benefits associated with our gummy smile correction treatment include:

  • Quick and painless procedure
  • Prevents bleeding
  • Soft-tissue laser speeds recovery
  • Improved gum tissue height
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Immaculate and precise laser results
  • Front teeth appear longer
  • Enhanced self-image
  • Dental symmetry
  • Natural-looking results

Gummy Smile Correction Candidates

Ideal candidates are physically healthy adults who are dissatisfied with their smile due to excess gum exposure.

Some people request a gummy smile correction because their teeth appear too short due to excess gum tissue. Other individuals may have short teeth due to grinding, so adjusting the gum tissue allows them to appear longer.

Dr. Lazare evaluates each patient’s smile during a private gummy smile correction consultation.

The Laser Gum Contouring Procedure


Dr. Lazare performs a postoperative exam before the laser treatment. He reviews the patient’s medical history and examines their teeth, mouth, and jaw to check for stability and health. He also looks for any infections and abscesses, or other lesions that could complicate the surgery, and he provides each patient with details about treatment. In some cases, the person may be partially asleep for the procedure and should have someone to drive them home.


Dr. Lazare conducts laser gum recontouring with advanced diode laser technology, which gently sculpts the gum line to remove excess gum tissue and better reveal the teeth. The doctor performs the gummy smile correction in a single outpatient visit. Local anesthesia is typically used to keep the patient comfortable during the procedure. The intense diode laser beam is adjustable and performs a gingivectomy procedure during a gummy smile correction; it can also whiten the teeth or control bacteria and potential infection during periodontal procedures.

Dr. Lazare adjusts the amount of gum tissue concealing the teeth, which helps patients feel confident when they smile. Each case is unique. In some cosmetic situations, Dr. Lazare creates a different tooth shape by contouring the tissue around the teeth, and he may adjust the gum line to create symmetry when the gums are uneven. Gingivectomy laser treatment is relatively painless with minimal post-op discomfort.

As a highly respected cosmetic dentist, otherwise known as New York City’s “Dentist to the Stars,” Dr. Lazare creates a customized plan for each patient based on their personal goals and requests. The patient will return for a post-op follow-up to make sure the gums are healing properly. Patients who have a more complicated case or desire additional cosmetic work will return to the office to complete their treatment plan in a progressive phase.


Most patients can resume their regular daily activities immediately after the procedure, which typically requires less than 24 hours of recovery. Laser gummy smile correction involves minimal swelling, less sensitivity, and a faster and more comfortable recovery than traditional surgery.

Over-the-counter medication will help to ease any pain. A soft diet is recommended to avoid irritating the gums, and applying a cold compress provides comfort. Warm saltwater rinse will help to protect against bacteria. Antibiotics may be prescribed. Dr. Lazare provides each patient with recovery instructions to encourage optimal results and a gorgeous new smile.

What are the Risks Associated with Laser Gum Contouring?

Laser gum correction beautifully contours the teeth and provides optimal results for patients with excess gum tissue or uneven gums. There are many benefits to the procedure. The only risk or complication is bleeding or swelling, which is rare. The advances in technology do not rule out these risks, but they are highly unusual.

An allergic reaction to anesthesia is another risk associated with dental laser surgery. Dr. Lazare will discuss the benefits and risks during your private gummy smile correction consultation.

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Frequent Laser Gum Reshaping Questions

  • When Can I Return to Work After Laser Gummy Smile Correction?
    Many patients resume their regular schedule immediately after the laser treatment. But you will need to change your diet slightly and take some over-the-counter pain medication and possibly put an ice pack on your face to ensure comfort during the first 24 hours. Most patients confidently return to work 24 hours after their laser gummy correction treatment. Dr. Lazare will discuss your treatment with you during your consultation.
  • Can a Gummy Smile Go Untreated?
    Gummy smile correction is an elective treatment. A gummy smile does not pose any health threats, but it does cause some people to feel self-conscious and unattractive. Tooth decay below the gum line can become more evident for gummy smile patients. Dr. Lazare provides each patient with the pros and cons of elective gummy smile laser treatment. Patients experience outstanding, permanent results that transform their smiles and increase their confidence.
  • How Will My Gums Feel and Look After the Surgery?
    You will be able to see some results immediately after the surgery. Minor swelling will recede, and your gums and teeth will heal and tighten over the next few days. Some people may experience hot or cold sensitivity for a short time after the surgery. You will see Dr. Lazare in the office one to two weeks after the laser surgery to ensure your gums are healthy as expected.

Patient Reviews


  • It is apparent that everyone at this practice takes pride in their work and is able to deliver stellar patient service. This gives me the comfort and assurance that I am in great hands.

    - Anneka
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