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Thanks to the advancements in medical technology, laser dentistry has made visits to the dentist a more comfortable experience. The concentrated and customizable beam of light from these specialized dental instruments has been proven effective and safe to use in dental offices nationwide, and Dr. Marc Lazare and his team are equipped with only the best state-of-the-art technology for the sake of our patients.

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What Laser Dentistry Can Do For You

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Laser dentistry is gaining popularity for its versatility and plays a massive role in an increasing number of traditional dental procedures. Although it is commonly associated with cosmetic dentistry, laser dentistry can prove beneficial in preventive cases as well. Whether it is hard tissue or soft tissue that requires treatment, our laser dentistry can help give you a more precise and less invasive procedure.

Types of Laser Dentistry

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Here are some procedures that Dr. Marc Lazare can perform in his office:

  • Laser Bacterial Reduction - This laser therapy can help eradicate harmful bacteria that are associated with periodontitis and overall gum inflammation. Bacterial gum inflammation has been correlated with several medical conditions, including heart disease and diabetes, thus laser bacterial reduction can be beneficial with not only your oral health but also your overall health. It is recommended that those dealing with periodontitis undergo laser bacterial reduction before any routine cleanings to help prevent the proliferation of bacteria into the bloodstream.
  • Laser Frenectomy - Two main frenulum locations in the mouth that might require traditional surgical procedures are the tongue attaching to the floor of the mouth and between the gums and lips. Irregularities with these oral frenulums can cause speech as well as functional issues. A frenectomy can be given using laser treatment without the need for stitches or sutures, along with greater efficiency and quicker healing times.
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  • Laser Gum Reshaping - Gum contouring can be used for both preventative and cosmetic procedures. Laser gum reshaping can adjust gum tissue surrounding the teeth, whether it is a “gummy smile” or uneven gums. In terms of periodontal cases, laser gum surgery can help with restoring a receding gum line.
  • Laser Treatment for Tooth Sensitivity - For patients experiencing dentin hypersensitivity, or tooth sensitivity, specialized dental products can only help to such an extent, and the discomfort will return once you stop using the products. Over the past few decades, laser therapy has been used by dental offices to provide long-term treatment for those suffering from tooth sensitivity.

Cosmetic Laser Procedures

For those who are interested in improving aesthetic concerns, laser treatments have been proven to provide more convenient and less invasive procedures as opposed to more conventional cosmetic options. Such procedures include crown lengthening, teeth whitening, treating cold sores, among other cosmetic treatments.

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Frequent Laser Dentistry Questions

  • What Is Laser Pocket Disinfection?
    Patients with periodontal disease can develop infections around the teeth that separate them from the gums, creating pockets. Through laser light disinfection, heat energy destroys the bacteria that create infection and inflammation. This helps to control periodontal disease. Patients must maintain good at-home hygiene to help aid in the treatment of their periodontitis, and additional laser sessions may be necessary.
  • What Age Should Patients Be to Undergo Laser Dental Procedures?
    In many cases, laser treatments are appropriate for patients of all ages. The best way for Dr. Lazare to determine the safety and efficacy of procedures in a given situation is to learn about each patient’s full medical and dental history. Certain conditions may make some patients ineligible for laser dentistry.
  • Are Laser Treatments More Expensive Than Those Performed With Customary Equipment in Dentistry?
    While laser technology is much costlier to purchase than dental drills or other types of gear and appliances, the pricing of various treatment plants can vary and will be determined following an in-office consultation at Dr. Lazare’s New York City City office. Patients can schedule an appointment and receive a proper diagnosis as well as a plan for their care.
    A pretreatment estimate will be forwarded to each patient’s dental insurance company to determine the type of coverage that will be offered. In a short period, patients will be informed of the total cost that they will be responsible for. There may be credit and financing options available to those who qualify.
  • What Are the Limitations of Lasers in Dentistry?
    Lasers are not an ideal treatment solution for the following oral health issues:
    • Teeth with existing fillings
    • Teeth with large cavities
    • Removal of crowns
    • Treatment needed between the teeth
  • What Are Dental Lasers?
    A dental laser is a unique device that uses light energy to carry out various procedures that target the area to be treated, and leave the surrounding tissues unaffected. This allows us to perform very precise procedures, while sealing off blood vessels and nerve endings so that our patients experience less bleeding, swelling and postoperative discomfort. Often times this can be done with little or no anesthetic.
  • Are Lasers Safe for Use in Dentistry?
    After undergoing decades of safe use and testing, lasers have been deemed safe for dental patients as an alternative treatment. There are precautions the dentist will take to ensure safety, including staff training and protective eyewear. When the appropriate laser and wavelength are utilized, lasers will not cause harm. With that in mind, it is important to choose a dentist with extensive experience in laser dentistry, like Dr. Lazare.
  • How Is Laser Teeth Whitening Performed?
    Laser-assisted teeth whitening is used to activate the chemical mixture that is applied to the teeth during a bleaching appointment at our Manhattan office. Through this dual-method procedure, the teeth can be safely lightened several shades. It should be noted that dental implants, teeth that have been crowned or treated with veneers, or those that have undergone root canals cannot be lightened using this method. Only natural tooth material can be lightened due to how it absorbs the chemicals and laser light.
  • Can Lasers Remove Tooth Decay?
    Teeth are partially composed of water. When the laser beam is focused on an area of decay, the water in the area is heated, bringing it to a boil and vaporizing the cavity.
    This method is effective because areas of decay contain more water than the healthy part of the tooth, so a cavity can be addressed without impacting the rest of the structure. If a patient develops a cavity in a tooth that already has a filling, however, laser cavity treatment may not be the best option.
  • When Are Dental Laser Treatments Appropriate?
    Dr. Lazare may recommend dental laser treatments to patients who require or request a treatment that can be performed using this advanced technology to improve their outcome and overall treatment experience. At Dr. Lazare’s Manhattan practice, laser procedures typically require less anesthesia than traditional treatments. Patients generally have reduced recovery times due to less bleeding and a lower risk of infection.
    Patients at increased risk of bleeding or those who have experienced allergic reactions or serious side effects to anesthesia may be good candidates. The heat from the laser can cauterize blood vessels and because there is little or no damage to surrounding areas, traditional anesthesia is not required. Additionally, patients who are immunocompromised but seek dental work may also undergo a safer, more effective treatment with a dental laser.

Patient Reviews


  • I need to applaud Dr. Marc Lazare and his staff for taking the dental experience to a new level. It is apparent that everyone at this practice takes pride in their work and is able to deliver stellar patient service.

    - Coco
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