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Do you feel insecure about the appearance of your smile? Tooth bonding may be the solution for you. Dental Bonding is a procedure in which our dentists reshape or repair a patient’s teeth by using a composite resin. Whether you have chipped teeth, uneven teeth, gapped teeth, or exposed roots, your issues can be resolved easily in a single visit, and it won’t even require any anesthetic.

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What Is Tooth Bonding?

Teeth that are chipped, broken, or have noticeable gaps between them can be treated with tooth bonding. The same material that is used for fillings, with colors emulating the natural shades of teeth, can also be used for cosmetic bonding purposes.

Dr. Lazare may first treat the teeth with a gel to prepare the area to receive the resin. He then applies the bonding material where needed, sculpts the new addition to the tooth, and cures it with a special light. After the resin hardens, it can be reshaped and polished to create improved dental aesthetics. After this step, the resin has been chemically bonded to the patient’s tooth. Dr. Lazare may reshape or buff additional teeth in the area, or make additional cosmetic improvements to enhance the uniformity of the teeth.

The Benefits of Tooth Bonding

Additionally, compared to other features of the face, the teeth are very small. Often the tooth bonding resin can offer immediate aesthetic improvement when added in mere millimeters. One of the best corrections offered is the filling in of gaps between teeth, especially the two front incisors. When one tooth is restored, the entire smile receives a makeover.

A visibly chipped tooth in any location in the mouth can create asymmetry and impact the look of an entire row of teeth. In other cases, there are multiple teeth in need of repair, which not only creates better oral health by creating uniformity and enhancing these structures but also enhances the smile. Imperfect features can draw negative attention, leaving a person’s more attractive attributes unnoticed. Through the restoration, the focus will be on the positive qualities of a person, including their new smile.

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Frequent Tooth Bonding Questions

  • How Long Will the Results From Tooth Bonding Last?
    The longevity of the treatment will vary depending on where the bonding was placed, the tooth irregularity it was used to treat, and the patient’s general mouth movements or oral habits. When bonding treats high-impact areas, like the biting edge of a front incisor, the bonding may have to be repaired sooner. Biting on hard objects habitually (nails, pen caps) can chip or wear the newly restored tooth. Typically, tooth bonding will remain in place for several years before needing repair, though it can last longer in more protected areas and with proper care. Some factors that will decrease the treatment’s efficacy include excessive drinking, acid reflux, and teeth grinding. Each of these conditions wears away the material chemically or mechanically and should be treated for both the patient’s health and continued oral health. Severe grinding will not only affect tooth bonding, but will also wear away the natural enamel, silver fillings, and porcelain restorations.
  • Can “Vampire Fangs” (Sharp Canine Teeth) Be Filed Into a More Aesthetically Pleasing Shape?
    Yes, these teeth can undergo the same type of enamel reshaping as others to soften the points at the ends of the teeth. This can help the teeth blend better with others in the mouth and create a more uniform length.
  • What Are the Benefits of Undergoing Tooth Contouring?
    There are many reasons why a patient may opt for this non-invasive cosmetic treatment. The conservative approach will not harm the teeth or lessen their function, and the smile will be immediately improved. Changes are permanent, and the restoration can be performed alongside other procedures – for dental health or aesthetics – during the same office visit.
  • Do Bonded Teeth Require Additional Care?
    Treated teeth are very low maintenance and do not require additional steps for their care. Patients are instructed to brush and floss regularly and continue to see Dr. Lazare and his New York City, NY, practice on a semi-annual basis, or more frequently depending on their care needs. Some teeth are more susceptible to chipped bonding, but if patients refrain from chewing on excessively hard items (like their fingernails) or hard foods, the bonding should remain intact.
  • Where Is Tooth Bonding Performed?
    This procedure is performed in Dr. Lazare's office. It is typically considered non-invasive when performed for cosmetic corrections and minimally invasive when treating cavities, cracks, or exposed root. The procedure time will vary, though bonding often requires about 30-60 minutes per tooth.
  • Is It Painful to Undergo Tooth Bonding?
    Unlike the placement of veneers or crowns where the teeth are ground down to accommodate a permanent fixture, bonding requires a more conservative approach to this process. Very little, if any, of the natural tooth material will be compromised during the placement of the resin. If a patient experiences any discomfort during the process, the doctor can provide adequate numbing of the area.
  • What Dental Health and Cosmetic Issues Can Tooth Bonding Treat?
    Direct composite bonding can be used to fill cavities, repair cracks in the teeth that may lead to decay and infection, and cover exposed tooth roots to reduce or eliminate tooth sensitivity. Aside from the health benefits this resin material offers, it can also be added to the teeth to enhance their appearance. Tooth bonding can close gaps between the teeth, repair chips, reshape the teeth, create longer teeth, and improve tooth coloration. In some cases, certain repairs may even improve the look of misaligned teeth.

Patient Reviews


  • I am so grateful for Dr. Lazare!! Incredibly advanced technology, a relaxing office space, and his polite and respectful manner are just a few things that helped make my experience in his office the best dentist experience ever.

    - Tyler
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