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Who Is at Risk for Oral Cancer?

Most people are surprised to learn that each year one person dies every hour from oral cancer, making this type of cancer deadlier than cervical, brain, ovarian, or skin cancer. In fact, recent statistics, published by the American Cancer Society, estimate that while the incidence and death rates for cancers overall have decreased, new cases of oral cancer and deaths associated with oral cancer and deaths associated with oral cancer are increasing. We know that early detection tools such as Pap smears, PSA tests, and mammograms have greatly reduced death rates for cervical, prostate, and breast cancers. Since oral cancer is one of the most curable diseases when caught early, it is extremely important to see your dentist regularly to keep your mouth under surveillance. When premalignant lesions or early-stage oral cancers are found, treatment is simpler, less invasive, and more than 82% successful. In continuing efforts to try and provide the most advanced technology and highest quality care available to patients, dentists are continually including new and improved types of oral cancer screening exams as an integral part of their regular examinations.
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