Is It Possible to Get My Oral Health Back on Track?

Question: If I neglected my teeth for years, am I able to get them back to a completely healthy state?

Answer: If your teeth have been neglected for years, chances are you have already done some irreversible damage. Gum disease can cause a loss of bone support, which will not grow back once the mouth returns to a completely healthy state. The gum recession that follows the bone loss will remain evident unless you are a candidate for certain gum and bone grafting procedures. The good news is that you can arrest bone loss and gum recession by taking perfect care of them. In other words, while you may not get back to where you started, you can prevent further damage from occurring.

Teeth that are broken and/or have decay can often be restored and brought back to proper function and esthetics. Teeth that are beyond repair can be removed and replaced with implants and bridgework to regain chewing surfaces and enhance the mouth’s esthetics. Take one step at a time, and once you are in a completely healthy state, make sure to see your dentist regularly to maintain.


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