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The Difference Between Biomimetic & Traditional Dentistry

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Biomimetic Dentistry vs. Traditional Dentistry

One of the most essential parts of taking care of your oral health is visiting the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. This helps your dentist to monitor your smile for any issues that need to be fixed. However, if you need a filling or restoration and want to avoid a root canal, crowns, or more invasive dental treatments, then traditional dentistry methods can be pretty harsh — and less preventative than you may think.

On the other hand, biomimetic dentistry presents a new generation of dentistry that aims to conserve your smile through advanced technology and treatment methods. Keep reading to learn the difference between the two:

Traditional Dentistry

Did you know that some of the methods typically used at the dentist are more than 100 years old? When it comes to restoring your teeth, these methods can sacrifice your healthy tooth structure to fix one issue — in turn, creating more problems down the line. In addition, traditional dentistry typically uses outdated methods with over-engineered methods such as placing pins or retention grooves in the mouth. By unnecessarily removing sound tooth structure and undercutting it for mechanical retention, you contribute to creating tooth sensitivity, cracks, root canals, and ultimately fractures — not to mention higher prices in treatments without an aesthetic result.

Biomimetic Dentistry

If you’re looking for a modern approach to dentistry, that’s where biomimetic dentistry comes in. According to the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry, biomimetic dentistry focuses on conserving and treating weak, fractured, and decayed teeth. The least invasive approach is used to preserve as much of a natural tooth as possible, correcting damage before more occurs.

These modern approaches to bonding teeth have practically eliminated our need for cutting teeth down for crowns. Studies have shown that biomimetic dentistry can reduce the need for a root canal by well over 80%. Compared to traditional methods, patients spend less and save time, visits, and more of their tooth structure. Biomimetic dentistry can treat a wide range of oral conditions, including:

  • Tooth decay.
  • Fractured teeth.
  • Chipped, cracked, damaged teeth.

The critical difference between Biomimetic dentistry and traditional dentistry is that Biomimetic dentistry aims to keep teeth strong and seals them off from bacterial invasion. The Biomimetic approach emphasizes prevention and maintenance instead of the reactive approach conventional methods typically focus on.

New York City Biomimetic Dental Services

At Lazare Biomimetic Dentistry and Smile Design, we proudly use biomimetic dentistry to protect the health of our patients’ smiles. Contact us online or call (332) 334-8290 to schedule an appointment for our biomimetic dentistry services today.

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