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Visiting Us During The COVID-19 Pandemic: What You Can Expect

COVID 19 graphicA lot has changed over the last few months, especially in our own New York City City. New Yorkers have faced unimaginable tragedy and loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and although things have begun to improve, we know that the situation is still developing and the wounds are deep.

It is still not yet safe to return to business as usual, but Dr. Lazare and his staff have been thinking carefully about how to begin welcoming patients back with strict health and safety measures in place. Regular dental care is crucial for overall health, but many people have had to put off their appointments during the pandemic. As we begin to see patients again at our New York City office, here’s what you can expect at your dental visit.

When Will Dr. Lazare’s Office Reopen?

We have been investing in new safety equipment in preparation for reopening and are following all federal and state COVID-19 guidelines for doing so. Dr. Lazare and his staff are aiming to reopen after June 1, 2020, as long as we feel it is safe and is within the guidelines for dental practices in New York City City. We hope to be open and serving patients as soon as possible but will be exercising caution and prioritizing safety. In the meantime, virtual consultations are available.

New Safety Equipment

The health and safety of our patients and employees is our top priority as we look ahead to reopening. During the time the office has been closed, Dr. Lazare and staff have been upgrading safety equipment and retrofitting the office to reduce the chance of viral spread. We have implemented state-of-the-art technology to minimize risks and help both patients and employees feel safer.

Air Quality

Since COVID-19 is spread through respiratory droplets, indoor air quality is of huge concern in reducing person-to-person transmission. Our office has been upgraded with new air purification systems that remove pollutants and kill viruses. This system uses a combination of manual and PECO (Photo Electro-Chemical Oxidation) filters to trap allergens and viruses and destroy them before clean air is released back into the room. The new purification systems are active and cover the entire office.

Dental Equipment

Dental procedures involve extensive close contact, water vapor castoff, and other risk factors that could spread COVID-19. To help mitigate these risks, Dr. Lazare has brought in new advanced dental equipment to reduce droplet and aerosol distribution during procedures while improving patient safety and comfort.

The Extraoral Dental Suction System is a high-power system that suctions droplets and aerosols during dental cleanings and treatments. It can also be used for removing silver-mercury filling safely.

Dr. Lazare has also introduced the Isolite System to the office, which also reduces aerosols while suctioning away saliva and water continuously. This system also helps to protect the patient’s tongue and cheeks and allows dental professionals to isolate different areas of the mouth. As a bonus, the Isolite system helps patients relax by allowing the jaw to rest open more comfortably.

Protection for Employees and Patients

We are always committed to maintaining a clean and safe environment for our patients. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have stepped those efforts up even more. We ask that patients help us in maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the office by using the provided touchless Purell dispensers that have been set up in each room and by following all directions given by our staff.

To protect employees and patients, we have temporarily set up custom sneeze guards at our reception desk. This is to help reduce aerosol transmission of viruses throughout the course of the pandemic. Our staff will still greet you warmly and help you to feel at ease, but these precautions help to keep everyone safe.

Finally, we have updated our bathrooms with touchless soap dispensers and faucets. Combined with Purell that is available to use before and after touching door handles, patients can maintain safe personal hygiene during dental visits. By improving hygiene in several different ways throughout the office, we can minimize risks and ensure that every patient gets the dental care they need.

Please Bear With Us

Dental care is extremely important to overall health and well-being, and Dr. Lazare and his staff are committed to helping patients get back on track with their dental care as soon as possible. Please remember, however, that many of our patients have had to postpone appointments during the pandemic, and demand might be high as these patients reschedule.

Please be patient with us and understand that you might have to wait a bit longer for an appointment or adhere to strict sanitation guidelines as directed by our staff. We are doing the best we can and appreciate your willingness to adhere to new guidelines and safety standards! We’re all doing our part in reducing the transmission of this terrible disease.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for the reopening, please contact Dr. Marc Lazare’s New York City office at (332) 334-8290.