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What is Dental Pulp?

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Dental Pulp & Tooth Decay

Though many patients may experience a cavity in their lifetime, they often don’t understand the extent of damage that comes with leaving one untreated. Your teeth are made up of complex layers — and the longer a cavity exists, the further down the damage can get. Once it bypasses the hard enamel layer the cavity can grow quite rapidly since dentin is less dense.

If it gets to the point of reaching your pulp your dentist may need to use extensive measures, such as root canal therapy to repair your teeth. The goal is to try to avoid this using preventative Biomimetic dental techniques.

What Damage to Your Pulp Means

Your dental pulp is nerve tissue within the center of your tooth. If the pulp gets infected, the bacteria will adversely affect the nerves in the tooth and may cause pain and infection. Typically, damage to the pulp occurs after the bacterial decay has already affected your enamel and dentin (connective tissue in your tooth between the enamel and the pulp).

At this point, if damage continues, an abscess can form and cause unbearable pain as well as the need for root canal therapy. If left untreated still, the tooth may eventually need to be extracted.

Root Canal Therapy

Unfortunately, if your pulp is infected, a root canal is likely to be your best option. Luckily, Dr. Lazare will use conservative, biomimetic dentistry methods to preserve your natural tooth and keep them as strong as possible. Through the use of these preventative and conservative Biomimetic techniques and protocols, our office has referred out 80% few root canals because we were able to save the majority of teeth that otherwise would have been condemned to more invasive treatments such as root canals, crowns, and extractions.

Preventing Tooth Damage

The best way to prevent tooth decay and tooth loss is by keeping up with a dental hygiene routine which includes brushing 2-3 times per day, flossing, and visiting your dentist regularly.

If you do have a cavity, we can use Biomimetic restorations before your tooth gets to the point of no return.

New York City Biomimetic Dentistry

Lazare Biomimetic Dentistry and Smile Design is one of the only dental practices in the entire Upper East Side of the New York City area to fully embrace and incorporate the principles of biomimetic dentistry into our practice.

We proudly use biomimetic dentistry to protect the health of our patients’ smiles. Contact us online or call (332) 334-8290 to schedule an appointment for our biomimetic dentistry services today.
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