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Laser Cold Sore Treatment in Upper East Side, Manhattan

Are you tired of living with the embarrassment and discomfort caused by your cold sores? Have you been searching for an effective way to permanently remove them without having to endure a long, painful healing process? If so, cold sore laser treatment may be the option you’ve been looking for. By using a focused beam of light energy, this minimally-invasive procedure can precisely target and destroy abnormal cells responsible for causing your cold sore infection, often resulting in smooth and healthy skin afterwards.

The office of Marc Lazare, D.D.S., M.A.G.D. has been one of the premiere providers of high quality dental work in Midtown East, Upper East Side, and throughout Manhattan and New York City for years. We offer a wide range of dental services, such as teeth whitening, oral cancer screening, porcelain veneers, teeth cleaning & checkup, tooth bonding, laser dentistry, and Invisalign.Plus, we provide several amenities, including:

  • High-end spa-like experience
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Biometric dentistry services

In addition to the benefits stated above, the office of Marc Lazare, D.D.S., M.A.G.D. is one of the few dental offices that offers cold sore laser treatment. We use the NV diode laser to treat our clients’ cold sores and have successfully conducted this particular treatment on several clients throughout the years. Our team of dental professionals has an in-depth understanding of cold sore laser treatment and have a demonstrated history of conducting the treatment safely and effectively.

To learn more about the office of Marc Lazare, D.D.S., M.A.G.D., check out our before & after photos and our clients’ reviews.

For more information about cold sore laser treatment in NYC and its surrounding communities, or to speak with us if you’re considering treatment, call us at (332) 334-8290 or contact us online today. Se habla Español.

What Is a Cold Sore?

Cold sores are highly contagious and can lead to embarrassment and discomfort. The herpes simplex virus is the primary cause of cold sores. They generally develop on the lips or around the mouth. Common causes include stress, a weakened immune system, and exposure to ultraviolet light or the sun. Although cold sore outbreaks are typically not serious, they can be a real nuisance. In addition, cold sores can be difficult to get rid of naturally.

How Does Cold Sore Laser Treatment Work?

Cold sore laser treatment uses laser technology to target and treat cold sores. The process involves exposing the affected area to light energy. The light energy then breaks down the proteins that are responsible for cold sore outbreaks. As a result, the cold sores gradually fade away and no longer cause you any trouble. The issue is usually resolved after just a few treatments. Cold sore laser treatments are swift and virtually painless, making them an attractive option for those seeking relief from their condition.

What Are the Benefits of Cold Sore Laser Treatment?

Cold sore laser treatment has several benefits, including the following:

  • Cold sore laser treatment is a fast and effective solution for eliminating cold sores, giving patients the freedom to feel confident in their appearance.
  • During laser treatment, pulsed laser light breaks down the cells containing the herpes virus, resulting in an accelerated healing process and reduced discomfort.
  • Laser treatment results are usually immediately visible with minimal downtime, making it the ideal choice for busy patients looking to experience fast relief from the bothersome symptoms of cold sores.
  • Cold sore laser treatments are generally affordable, cost-effective, and offer lasting results with little to no scarring when compared to other remedies available on the market.

To learn more about the benefits of cold sore laser treatment, give the office of Marc Lazare, D.D.S., M.A.G.D. a call at (332) 334-8290 or get in touch with us online today. We offer discounts and financing!

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  • “His approach is the only way to practice in my opinion as a patient and I am glad he is an instructor and is spreading his vision to other dentists as well as practicing it.”

    - Youness
  • “From the minute I walk in Ilda and Ariel greet me with such a warm and enthusiastic welcome. Well, it just makes my day. Then there's Dr. Marc Lazare who sets the tone. He was so gentle and explained every step of the process so I wouldn't worry.”

    - Mimi
  • “Great experience with this amazing staff. The hygienist Therese was very gentle and made sure I was comfortable throughout my whole visit. Dr. Lazare was very thorough with my exam.”

    - Melanie

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