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Cold Sore Treatment using Non-Invasive Laser Therapy – Zap it early!


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Cold sores (a.k.a. fever blisters, oral herpes lesions, herpes simplex virus) start off with a slight tingling feeling and then an itchy, burning sensation and proceed to make your life miserable for the next couple of weeks as it slowly grows, become red, fills with fluid, crusts over, scabs and then heals. These sores pop up when you least want it, causing one to feel self-conscious and frustrated as they ruin photo-ops, job interviews, zoom meetings and intimate moments. There is no cure for these viral sores. There are many medications and therapies readily available to help limit the duration of these lesions. However, what many people aren’t aware of is that there is a very simple, comfortable, inexpensive and effective therapy available to really speed up the healing of these cold sores and, if caught early, even prevent it from occurring altogether. Instead of simply allowing the virus to run its course, you can now give these sores the 1-2 punch and zap it right away with a non-invasive diode laser when the first symptoms begin to present themselves.

The photonic laser energy pulses of this special soft tissue diode laser target the virus responsible for the cold sore and breaks down its proteins to make these sores fade away and not progress if treated right away. If the sore has already begun to fill with fluid, then it will still work well to minimize the severity and duration, especially when coupled with the appropriate prescription drugs and over-the-counter remedies. The wavelength of this diode laser soothes the sensitive nerve endings to bring about profound and immediate relief and promotes faster cellular healing through gentle biostimulation. Usually just one treatment, comprised of 3-4 two-minute rounds of laser therapy, is enough to arrest, reverse the course, remedy discomfort and expedite healing. These sores often tend to recur with less frequency and less severity at the same location.

So, what causes these unsightly sores to pop up around your lips anyway? In one word, the answer is STRESS. The stress can come in many forms: Environmental (such as too much sun or bitter cold weather), Psychological (such as fears, anxieties, social pressures, worrying about exams, interviews, presentations, worry and heartbreak over break-up, illness and death), Physical (such as exercise, travel, lack of sleep, or injury), and Nutritional (from a lack of nutrients and poor diet). Sometimes certain food allergies and sensitivities can trigger these outbreaks. For some people it is seasonal, for others it can be a regular occurrence. Whatever the cause, if you are in tune with your body, you can often prevent these sores from occurring. Find ways to minimize your stress and anxieties, bolster your immune system by eating healthy, mega-dosing on Vitamin C when you feel your immune system is compromised, wear sunscreen and prevent chapped lips. You can also take preventative low doses of acyclovir or other antiviral medications to minimize the chance of occurrence.

There are many types of therapies that have been known to help with the comfort and duration of cold sores, however, laser therapy has been able to do what other treatments can’t do, and that is to stop it dead in its tracks and prevent the onset of the sore when treated right away. Laser therapy can also be used in conjunction will all other therapies available for a more profound effect. For example, one can take the recommended dosage of Valtrex, mega-dose on Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids (accessory nutrients that enhance the action of the Vitamin C), use Lysine or acyclovir lip ointments or creams, and do the non-invasive laser therapy. Other adjunctive therapies can include using ice to sooth the sores, pain relievers, aloe vera gel, Vitamin E ointment, propolis, lemon balm, licorice root, zinc, rhubarb and sage, tea tree and peppermint oils.

Cold sores can be highly contagious, so to prevent transmission during this time please avoid kissing, sharing drinks, towels, utensils, lipstick, razor, toothbrush, etc. Also, try not to touch, pop or pick at your cold sore to prevent the spread to other parts of your body or making the lesion worse. It is most contagious during the blistering stage when it is wet but can also be transferred even when not as visibly active. This virus can lay dormant in your body until triggered by something, such as stress and illness. Do what you can to stay healthy, be prepared and take preventative measures, and at the very first sign of its onset, such as a tingle or itch around your lips, contact a dental provider who has this soft tissue diode laser to be seen right away. Most dentists do not currently offer this treatment, so do your research. At our office we have been performing Biomimetic dentistry (the most minimally invasive form of dentistry available) and Preventative dental treatments, such as this fast-acting, non-invasive laser treatment to hundreds of clients over the last 10 plus years with great success. We do whatever we can to get our patients in on the day they call because time is of the essence. If seen within hours of the first signs of its onset you may be able to fully reverse the course of the cold sore outbreak. Even if you miss that narrow window, the laser will still be the most effective tool to minimize the duration and to make you feel the most comfortable during this time.

If I have spiked your curiosity and you would like to learn more about our Non-Invasive Soft Tissue Diode Laser Therapy for Cold Sores or Biomimetic dentistry, I am always available to you in my office for a consultation (332-334-8290) or you can also feel free to look at the other articles I have published about these topics. They can be found on my website at

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